Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mediating Chicago

So on my recent job interview trip to Chicago, I wanted to get a good look around to see some spots my wife and I might consider living. The goal was to scout out neighborhoods and take some pictures so that she might see what they looked like.

Someone was kind enough to drive me around and tell me about the area. Here's the tricky part. When you take a picture, how do you know where on the map it was taken? I tried a few approaches:
  1. Make a numbered note on the map that corresponds to the picture taken.
  2. Take a picture, then take another picture of road signs nearby to help pinpointing later.
  3. Make short videos of the areas and say the name of where you are.

I tried each of these as they occurred to me -- experimental mediation on the fly! The third worked best. Here's a photo I accidentally snapped as I juggled all my artifacts.

Mediating Chicago! Posted by Hello

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