Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When to update

Notices of software product updates should not appear when I first launch the program, because I'm trying to enter a task at that moment and not too likely to interrupt it with some update that might require me to restart the program or worse, my system. Rather they should, as I go to close the program and thus signaling the end of my task, prompt me that updates are available and can be downloaded prior to closing, which I'm far more likely to do. I'm talkin' ta *you* Adobe Acrobat.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

As we may work...

Finally, here's a futuristic vision for document management GUI I can get behind. I'd have to interact with it to see if it really overcomes some of the multiple-document viewing problems of our current computer monitors, but this video demo of a multi-touch screen seems much more promising than those in Minority Report. It reminds me of a 2-D version of the library scene in Snowcrash.

Via: VideoSift

And I'll have to fly out of O'Hare soon to check out their "'Minority Report' Style Billboards."