Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's official. Gaming lexicon is becoming mainstream.

Merriam-Webster's word of '07: 'w00t' [M-W, NYT]

I've been using it in IMs for a while now, and if faculty are using it, it sure ain't street anymore.


Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy a reduction in shame-levels if I my first reaction hadn't been "Woot!" when I read this.

Then again, I'd enjoy a further reduction if I hadn't been introduced to the term while playing the original Everquest. Starting at age 35. While teaching full-time at DePaul. Where I still teach on a 6-course contract in WRD. And still play EQ on my Mac.

I need to call my therapist . . . :)

John said...

I liked the Reuters article on this. It contained the genius statment, "People look for self-evident numeral-letter substitutions: 0 for O; 3 for E; 7 for T; and 4 for A," [Merriam-Webster President John Morse] said. "This is simply a different and more efficient way of representing the alphabetical character."

How the hell is 0 more efficient than o?

Anonymous said...

Follow up post--

Dr. Slattery,

Go here:

Trust me.

Scott E. Johnson
Lecturer, Dept. of WRD

Shaun said...

Brilliant Scott, thanks for sharing.