Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Several recent discussions of grammar have highlighted for me people's concern for grammatical correctness. My Writing in the Professions class just read "The Politics of Grammar and Usage" in John Bean's Engaging Ideas. The recent coverage of the Grammar Girl blog just came across the ATTW listserv. A short article in last month's Wired (scroll down) answers the question, "Chatting online is ruining my kids’ spelling and grammar. Should I stop them from doing it?" And I just learned that Purdue's Online Writing Lab is serving more pages than ever before.


-Deb, Your old "research meetings" team mate said...

Well now that "Grammar Girl" herself has made an appearance on Oprah, she may get more attention than her server bargained for. (Oops. Grammatically incorrect on soo many levels. I'm so naughty.)

Shaun said...

Update: old news (February 18, 2006), but related story from NPR

"OMG: IM Slang Is Invading Everyday English" by Neda Ulaby